Call USTents /Big B Tent Rentals Serving Elk Grove-Sacramento-Lodi-Stockton-Manteca-Modesto-Jackson-Valley Springs-Clements-Lockeford-Acampo 209-652-6616 is hiring Temps for installing party and wedding tents in Elk Grove

We need party tent installers in the Elk Grove and Sacramento areas. Starting pay is $ 13.50 per hour. This is flex work, on call, part time work. If you can work, great. If not, we go down the list and call the next installer for the Elk Grove area. We have some week day and weekend work installing wedding, party, canopy rental tents for our Elk Grove clients. Wea re based in Acampo, California Call USTents at 209-652-6616 email

Using frame tent jacks to set up a party rental tent.
Using a tent jack to raise a party tent for a health care center in Sacramento.

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